Welcome to my World!

First–who couldn’t use a great swordfight break? These guys are the real deal!

Now–C’mon in and immerse yourselves fellow scribes! Below I’ve listed just a few resources — sites/pages/podcasts — for delicious, delightful ways to improve and navigate your way through this, frankly, insane thing we’re determined to master. Writing/Storytelling! If I met you in the #WritingCommunity Twitterverse or at a conference, say hello on FB, Twitter, Insta (Reach Out widget) or drop me a line.

A smidge about me:

I’m a doggy mom.

I’m an author, always learning, never without inspiration or ideas.

I’m a HEMA swordsman. (As the example from above. And yeah, I’m ABSOLUTELY that good! *wink, wink)

I’m a staunch supporter of adoption and rescue work. #AdoptDontShop. This is my hill. Don’t miss the Doggy Blog up top. Where I document everything from the dreaded Flexi leash to hints for handling canine epilepsy.

Love you … mean it.