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Short Pub’d on Across the Margin!

“A fantastical work of fiction where a bold, zealous canine commences its quest toward world domination…“ Read More

Podcast Episode–WDC Conference & Pitching

Join me, Natalie Lockett, Ron Delaney Jr., and James Cook for this Write Away episode where we discuss previous years’ Writer’s Digest Conference “Pitch Slam” and pitching in general. Read More

Podcast Episode–Braving Querying

This is a great episode! Chock full of great stories and advice on braving the Query trenches. Read More

“Township of the Psyche: Elle” semi-finalist in Chanticleer Awards!

The first installment of the series TOWNSHIP OF THE PSYCHE–ELLE. “Elle is the Tooth Fairy, and after an eternity of bone and blood, a hidden artifact promises her a sliver of humanity; but can she find it before her ex-lover, Santa Clause, does.” If Joseph Campbell wrote fiction. It’s mythology meets psychology meets anthropology. A world where all myths and monsters go to Read More

Writing From Color and Native Voices (contest)

Though I have traveled extensively, I am INCREDIBLY white. And native to so many generations of southerners it’s stupid. But diversity is awesome, yes!? This is a very cool contest. Worth sharing and worth participating if you qualify and have a story dying to get out. Writing From Color and Native Voices Read More

Manuscript Wish List

Yes, even writers have them. 🙂 #mswl “The Animal Vigilantes”–a MS that I wrote not once, but twice. A group of like-minded, animal-loving do-gooders set out to save all the world’s animals? The ‘black-ops’ arm of the Humane Society. Yes! The research and writing was excruciating. I fussed and cried and bitched and moaned. And Read More


I love to share random information that I stumble across during my research. This one came from researching particle physics for a minor character in “The Witches of Norwood County”. Sadly, I found nowhere to use this tidbit…yet. As it’s so crazy cool. Quantum science is being explored and poked from the subatomic to new Read More

Site Up!

Where have I been for the last 3 days? NOT enjoying a languid Memorial Day weekend. Though it feels rather rude to use the word ‘languid’ here. Coding. I’ve been coding! I thought I left this behind. Though I must say, thank GOD I had those years to help me. Otherwise this site would’ve been Read More

Great blog for writers!

I found this blog on agency’s website. Just fantastic. SO many good articles and good advice. Truly a godsend. Fellow writers out there–do not be discouraged and filter through the advice. Do what works for you and feels authentic. And thanks a bunch to the ladies of BookEnds for taking the time to share their experience, Read More