“Township of the Psyche: Elle” semi-finalist in Chanticleer Awards!


The first installment of the series TOWNSHIP OF THE PSYCHE–ELLE.

“Elle is the Tooth Fairy, and after an eternity of bone and blood, a hidden artifact promises her a sliver of humanity; but can she find it before her ex-lover, Santa Clause, does.”

If Joseph Campbell wrote fiction. It’s mythology meets psychology meets anthropology. A world where all myths and monsters go to live, love and DIE.

We made the final round of lit selections in the OZMA fantasy contest. Sweet!

Great blog for writers!

I found this blog on agency’s website. Just fantastic. SO many good articles and good advice. Truly a godsend. Fellow writers out there–do not be discouraged and filter through the advice. Do what works for you and feels authentic. And thanks a bunch to the ladies of BookEnds for taking the time to share their experience, knowledge, and time. (Still scouring that bad boy! Soooo much info.)