Month: May 2016

Manuscript Wish List

Yes, even writers have them. ­čÖé #mswl “The Animal Vigilantes”–a MS that I wrote not once, but twice. A group of like-minded, animal-loving do-gooders set out to save all the world’s animals? The ‘black-ops’ arm of the Humane Society. Yes! The research and writing was excruciating. I fussed and cried and bitched and moaned. And Read More


I love to share random information that I stumble across during my research. This one came from researching particle physics for a minor character in “The Witches of Norwood County”. Sadly, I found nowhere to use this tidbit…yet. As it’s so crazy cool. Quantum science is being explored and poked from the subatomic to new Read More

Site Up!

Where have I been for the last 3 days? NOT enjoying a languid Memorial Day weekend. Though it feels rather rude to use the word ‘languid’ here. Coding. I’ve been coding! I thought I left this behind. Though I must say, thank GOD I had those years to help me. Otherwise this site would’ve been Read More

Great blog for writers!

I found┬áthis blog on agency’s website. Just fantastic. SO many good articles and good advice. Truly a godsend. Fellow writers out there–do not be discouraged and filter through the advice. Do what works for you and feels authentic. And thanks a bunch to the ladies of BookEnds for taking the time to share their experience, Read More