I love to share random information that I stumble across during my research. This one came from researching particle physics for a minor character in “The Witches of Norwood County”. Sadly, I found nowhere to use this tidbit…yet. As it’s so crazy cool.

Quantum science is being explored and poked from the subatomic to new ways of computing. But I gotta say, the science of quantum entanglement threw me. I had to watch dozens of videos and read tons of papers. A lot of them are simply WAY over my head. And the fact that we can’t explain it, or don’t know why or how it works…yet, is daunting. Heck, even Einstein was like “duuuude…wth?” Spooky action, he called it. Yeah, he used the word ‘spooky’. That a pair of particles can be entangled to the extent that action on one affects the other. No matter what their distance. A block apart, a mile, a planet.

Manipulating this theory, physicists have affected photons. Essentially reading the state of one photon, sending the quantum information across a laser, and creating (I like to think of it as tickling) its polar state on the other side. So yeah, as I understand it now, teleportation of an organic being would involve ‘tickling’ an entirely new you. And saying goodbye to the old you. That’s a lot of you’s.

Article on quantum teleportation.

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