Manuscript Wish List

Yes, even writers have them. 🙂 #mswl

“The Animal Vigilantes”–a MS that I wrote not once, but twice. A group of like-minded, animal-loving do-gooders set out to save all the world’s animals? The ‘black-ops’ arm of the Humane Society. Yes! The research and writing was excruciating. I fussed and cried and bitched and moaned. And still, I could not make it work. Boo.

A truly terrifying and psychologically disturbing horror. Oooooh…how I want this one. How I want to pay homage to the King. How I’ve blurbed a hundred different ideas. But as a horror fanatic, nothing has impressed me thus far. Still thinking…still thinking…

“The Figure Eights” part deux. Big Momma starts her own shelter and puts Aleera to work ‘robotisizing’ all the world’s canines.

A modern version of “The Goonies” with a team of paranormal hunting kids.

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