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When I’m not writing, advocating for loving homes for all canines, or traipsing through the jungle, I’m geekin’ out, yo! ComicCons, Star Trek conventions, and my latest discovery–Horror cons. The day I shook hands with both Jenette Goldstein–“Vasquez” and Mark Rolston–“Drake”, nearly tangled my delicate psyche. They were sitting together and absolutely charming and smart. I’ve schmoozed with Linda Blair–best known for her debut in “The Exorcist” (she’s also a huge rescue advocate–see Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation) Yay! Horror and puppy-love!

I’ve had a romance with sci-fi and horror since I was a kid. It has never died. When I started college, I had trouble deciding between a major in physics, theater, or psychology. What? Yeah, I like to dabble. Thank goodness for research. Truth is, there isn’t a branch of science I couldn’t spend a day, week, month, year, studying. Getting to mix the current pace of technology, medicine, or evolution with what is or might be possible makes my skin goosey. What I love about writers like Ray Bradbury and Stephen King, is they mix the very real subtext of reality into storytelling. They exemplify our aspirations as humans to love and our fears of things we don’t yet understand.