I’ll never forget my first story. A dinner-murder-mystery set in a medieval stone castle. I was in third grade. My teacher, Mrs. Knepper, while impressed with my tale-weaving, thought the subject matter a bit mature. Well, less mature and more ‘morbid’, based on her expression and comments. But I was hooked.

I’ve written novels, short stories, poetry, even music. But creating characters, worlds, and marrying real life to the weird and sublime–these are the things to which I’m committed. A few years ago I left the world of IT. I was one of those lucky people that met smart software and smart people. Google noticed us and gave me the chance to make a choice. Miss you terribly, catered food! (I never ate so well.)

Now I’m cooking my own lunch and writing full time. I’ve dabbled in ghostwriting. But creating those epic tales has kept my heart beating. I love learning and never considered that the research involved in creating those characters and stories would be so much fun. “The Figure Eights”, for instance. When I entered story development, I knew almost nothing of robotics. Specifically in an organic application–biocybernetics and prosthesis. Did you know there is a woman who has a microchip planted directly on her frontal lobe that sends signals to operate a robotic arm? Yes! Science is wicked. Innovators are wicked.

Bio_2I had a successful music career while living in New England, playing with some of the world’s most talented musicians. Our venture can be sampled here: Wendi Faren.

Currently, I’m on the hunt for an agent. Someone to partner with that will work as hard as I do. I’m in it to win it!

Tiny, furry terrorist
Tiny, furry terrorist –Amee.

Working in rescue has kept my soul clean. Check out my latest adoptee, Amee! So named after that homicidal robot in “Red Planet”. (Pretty much sums her up.) Also, check out my doggy blog. Lots of good info documented from my experience working with different dogs with different behavior or health issues.

What do you get for being the best dog in the world? Tortured by hats.
What do you get for being the best dog in the world? Tortured by hats. Love you, Marie!